God said in His word that if we draw nearer to Him , He will draw nearer to us.
There is no time to delay this calling because nobody is promised tomorrow.
Uncleanliness is the work of the flesh and it’s associated with fornication, harlotry, adultery, incest, sexual immorality all around you, what do we see.?

The Church ordaining homosexuals instead of casting out the spirit and empowering the people to live a clean life, Father’s sleeping with their own children , Pastors sleeping with church members, unmarried couples living together and all manner of abominations before the Lord.

The devil is busy chewing the people of God like gum and we’re wallowing in sin day by day. Wake up people, run away from sexual immorality. It’s better you get married young than wasting your youthful life in abomination. Let’s start praying for one another so that we can all be set free from the spirit of uncleanliness.

Don’t be fooled , our God is a Holy God and we must be holy to see Him. Cut off that finger that will take you to hell! Jesus is calling you today!

SCRIPTURE: 1 Thess. 4:7
“For God did not call us to live an unclean life but a holy one”

Dear Lord, forgive me for every sexual acts that I have committed. I surrender myself to you today, deliver me, help me to come into contact with whoever you will use for my sake.
Destroy every evil spirit in me that is causing me to live a life of uncleanliness and let your saving grace keep me going till the day of our Lord Jesus Christ . 🙏🏼
God bless you!

PST. Shade Masha

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