Geared towards the strategic development and growth of Africa's economies, our intention is to carefully partner with international organizations for the purpose of gaining access to valuable resources and knowledge; while joining forces to develop new products and markets to foster a more just + equitable + sustainable society of individuals, families, communities, corporations, organizations, associations, cities, and states of Africa.

A man of conviction and judgement, Masha is on a mission to create mutually beneficial, strategic alliances in the following areas:

  • Aviation/Airline Services
  • Banking & Finance
  • Energy (Crude oil, liquified natural gas, solar energy)
  • Electronic/Digital/Print/Social Media
  • Real Estate & Development
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Education & Information
  • Mining & Logging

is a Teacher, advocating for change by refining existing systems and mechanisms.

Address: 57 Waddell Street Marietta, GA 30060.


Phone: 404-957-4876

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