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An Apostle of Jesus Christ, Business Consultant & Community Leader

About Segun Masha

Segun Masha is a gospel Preacher, a Business Consultant, a Certified Financial Instructor and Entrepreneur. A 1985 Biochemistry graduate of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Masha also served in the Capital Markets & Investment Banking sector for several years.

Now, as an Entrepreneur and Strategic International Investment facilitator, Masha is poised to catalyze growth and development in the Social, economic and political arenas, especially in Africa



Raising A New Generation of Leaders

Through the platform of:


To carefully partner with international organizations and affiliate with entities for the purpose of gaining access to valuable resources and knowledge while joining forces to develop new products and or new markets for existing ones.


To Raise A New Generation of Leaders Who will be empowered with the wisdom and tools to develop their society and to carry out their good intentions, programs, and agendas in the social, economic and political arenas.


To promote a formal or informal establishment and proper implementation of godly policies, laws, ordinances, and norms that foster a more Just + Equitable + Sustainable Society of individuals, families, communities to countries of the world.


Faith Leadership Institute

Faith Leadership Institute (for Government and Public Service) is an international research, training and development center for biblical principles of government and public service.


The MarketPlace Mission

Marketplace Missions is a Ministry on a Mission to bring people and nations into the fullness of the Kingdom of God in all aspects of life (Spiritual, Social, Economic and Political) through our creativity, leadership, integrity, values, strength.


Faith (Church ) Online

Online church is loaded with prayer, worship, Bible messages and live community. Prayer Support. Services: Online Prayer, Healing & Deliverances, Discipleship, Communities.

My motivation is to serve in the social, economic, and political arenas is not a matter of seeking fame, money, or power. It is a matter of duty and responsibility to restore broken lives and desolate communities.

Segun Masha


We have been able to put smiles on faces of over 15 thousand families

Books & Teaching Materials

Unlock Your Potential Impact the World!


Are you ready to occupy your place of influence in the world?

Curriculum is designed to motivate participants to greater heights of giftedness and callings, career and ministry; empowering them to transform the world, one community at a time!


The world we live in is a hurting one. I had a shocking revelation one day as I was in presence of the Lord when He said to me

“There are no poor people, only the impoverished”.

10 years later, our records show that our ministry has assisted 15,000+ impoverished families with an average of 1.6 million pounds of food. In addition to that, we’ve been privileged to offer hundreds of families with godly counseling, spiritual covering, and physical needs such as clothing and toys for the holidays! I know that may not sound like much, but it is the little we could do. Now we are set up to equip others to do the same, if not more.

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is a Teacher, advocating for change by refining existing systems and mechanisms.

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